Why Is My Great Dane So Dumb? (Here’s Why)

“Dumb” behavior means dog behavior that seems to lack intelligence or stupid. A Great Dane acting dumb can be confusing as well as concerning. 

A Great Dane that acts dumb may fall over frequently, misbehave to get attention, engage in random barking, refuse to respond to their name, be slow in learning commands, run into doors, or be clumsy.

The behavior can be due to underlying problems therefore it is important to understand the reasons behind this behavior so that you can help your Great Dane.

Great Danes are also intelligent dogs and behavior changes can mean something is wrong. 

 So, what makes a Great Dane so dumb?

Let’s look into the factors that could lead a Great Dane to act dumb.

Why Is My Great Dane So Dumb?

A Great Dane acting dumb can be due to a lack of proper socialization or training, boredom, age, and personality. By understanding the reasons behind your dog’s behavior changes, you can identify normal behaviors from those that require attention and also when to seek help.

great dane so dumb

Dog behaviors although seemingly dumb, mean something and fortunately solutions can be implemented for  behavioral or medical problems.

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