Do Great Danes Like to Cuddle? Interesting Great Dane Facts

The Great Dane is a dog breed that is described as the “Apollo of dogs” meaning it is one of the largest dog breeds.

Despite this rather intimidating size and stance, they are sweet-natured dogs that are friendly, devoted, gentle, confident, loving, and reserved. However, do they like to cuddle and snuggle close to their owners like other dog breeds?

In this article, we will delve deeper into the reasons why a Great Dane likes to cuddle and the meaning behind this behavior.

Do Great Danes Like to Cuddle?

Great Danes do like to cuddle. They are rated as one of the most affectionate dog breeds that adore their owners and crave closeness to their human family members. They are dogs that are very people-oriented and do not do well when they are away from them.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if your Great Dane wants to snuggle up with you in your bed or cuddle on the couch with you! 


Why are Great Danes so affectionate?: Reasons Why Great Danes Like to Cuddle

Great Danes are affectionate because of their personality which makes them loving dogs that are good family dogs that blend in well with everyone in the family.

They form an attachment to their human companions and cuddling is one of the ways they show this closeness. The following explains why Great Danes like to cuddle:

Expression of love

Cuddling is an expression of love from your Great Dane and this is how they show you how much they love you.

Take it as a hug from the Great Dane. Physical touch displays love and the need to be close to you.

Affectionate dogs by personality

Great Danes are more affectionate compared to other dog breeds and because of this personality trait, they cuddle to express their affection for their human companions.

Affectionate dogs like to snuggle and cuddle more compared to other drugs that may not be as small affectionate to their human families.

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Bonding with you

Great Danes crave connection with their owners. Cuddling is also a way that they use to bond with you.

Studies have shown that the physical touch and closeness to their human families release the feel-good hormone oxytocin.

This is the same chemical that is produced by mothers which creates a bond between them and their children.

It is a chemical released in the brain that is responsible for creating social bonds in both humans and animals.

This is why dogs form bonds with humans and rightly so are called our best friends because of the bond formed that creates closeness and connection.

Loyal and devoted dogs

Great Danes are also very loyal and devoted dogs. Cuddling shows love, loyalty, and devotion to you by displaying how much they are affiliated to you and your family compared to outsiders.

This means also that they want to please their owners and will do what is required of them.


Although they are regarded as ‘gentle giants’, Great Danes are also good protectors of their family members.

Instinctively they will protect their owners from any danger.

Cuddling is also a protective act by being close to you as they look around your environment and if need be will protect you from any incoming danger to you or your family. 

Stress and anxiety reliever

Great Danes are people-oriented dogs and they do not do well when they are not close to them.

They are very highly susceptible to separation anxiety when they are away from their owners and families, which is very stressful to them.

When they’re stressed out or having a bout of separation anxiety, you will notice that they will come close to you as a means of self-soothing, and comfort to relieve stress and anxiety.

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Need for Warmth

A Great Dane may cuddle next to its owner because they are feeling cold.

This is very noticeable during cold months and because of their short coat, this behavior indicates they might be feeling cold and just need warmth.

Cuddling next to you is a way of getting close to you for warmth and comfort.

In cold winter months try to see if this is the reason why and offer solutions such as covering them with a throw blanket to help them be warm or regulate the room temperature. 


The Great Dane is an affectionate dog that adores close contact with its human family. They show affection in many ways and cuddling next to their owners is a sure way they show their love for them. 

As a Great Dane parent, brace yourself for an overwhelming show of love and devotion from your great giant who is soft at heart and craves your attention.

I hope this article helped you know whether Great Dane loves to cuddle and the reasons why they love to do this.

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