Do Belgian Malinois run away

Do Belgian Malinois Run Away?

A Belgian Malinois may run away from home and it can be an incredibly distressing experience for owners.  We outline the underlying causes behind your Belgian Malinois’ tendency to run away, while also providing effective strategies to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. Do Belgian Malinois run away? Yes, the Belgian Malinois have  […]

Belgian Malinois biting me

Why Is My Belgian Malinois Biting Me? Here’s Why & How to Stop the Behavior

One common issue that many Belgian Malinois owners face is biting behavior. If you find yourself on the receiving end of your Belgian Malinois’s teeth, you’re not alone. By understanding the underlying causes and implementing the right techniques, you can create stop the behavior.  In this article, we will outline the reasons behind Belgian Malinois […]