Why Does My Great Dane Eat Dirt? (Here’s Why)

A Great Dane eating dirt is a cause for concern because it is unusual. Dogs sometimes show different bizarre behaviors that are fairly normal from their perspective.

Surprisingly, odd food behavior and strange cravings are common in dogs. Sometimes the behavior means there may be an underlying problem affecting your dog’s health. 

So, why does a Great Dane eat dirt? What does it mean? Is it harmful?

Let’s look at what causes a Great Dane to eat dirt.

Why Does My Great Dane Eat Dirt?

The common reasons why a Great Dane eats dirt include pica, an upset stomach, low quality food, nutrient imbalance in the diet, anemia, and an underfed Great Dane. Changes in your dog’s eating habits need medical attention to determine the cause of the unusual cravings.

great dane eat dirt

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