Why Does My Great Dane Chew His Nails? (Here’s Why)

When you find your Great Dane chewing on his nails it can be a peculiar sight. Great Danes have weird behaviors just like all dogs, and by understanding the reasons behind them, you can help in implementing the right solutions.

So, is nail chewing a normal dog behavior or is it a result of something else? Should you worry about it?

Why does a Great Dane chew his nails?

Let’s look at what causes a Great Dane to chew his nails.

Why Does My Great Dane Chew His Nails?

The common reasons why a Great Dane chews on his nails include nail injury, anxiety, allergies, overgrown nails, skin infections, fleas or ticks, abnormality on the paws, mites, boredom, and compulsive disorders.

great dane chew his nails

Monitoring the state of your Great Danes paws is important to detect abnormalities and medical seeking help when required.

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