Fawn Mantle Great Dane: A Complete Guide To This Great Dane Color

The Great Dane is sought after for its pleasant personality and different interesting coat colors and variations. The Mantle is an official coat color of the breed, and Fawn Mantle is one variation.

So, what makes a Fawn Mantle Great Dane look this way? How different are compared to other Great Dane colors? 

Read on to learn more about what makes a Fawn Mantle Great Dane, its appearance, temperament, associated health problems, price, and where to get them.

A Fawn Mantle Great Dane is a mismarked Mantle coat color pattern. The coat has a Mantle coat color pattern which has a fawn skull, white muzzle, white chest, white forelegs, and hind legs, and a white-tipped fawn tail.

The Great Dane has a Mantle coat color pattern, however instead of the black color found on the standard Mantle, fawn color covers this area on the body, thus referred to as a Fawn Mantle.

fawn mantle great dane
Fawn Mantle Great Dane

What Does The Fawn Mantle Great Dane Look Like?

Fawn Mantle Great Danes look like typical Great Danes. In terms of size, physical build, and body structure, they meet the Great Dane breed qualities despite the different coat colors.

A Fawn Mantle has an athletic, lean, muscular body structure, a large head, muzzle, natural floppy ears, long limbs, and a medium-sized tail. 

Their body is covered with a sleek, short, and smooth coat. 

Adult Fawn Mantle stands at 32 to 34 inches high at the shoulder with an average weight of 120 – 200 pounds. The female dogs are usually smaller than the male dogs.

The Fawn Mantle Great Dane’s eyes are brown.

A typical Mantle Great Dane coat color pattern has a black blanket over the body with a black head, white muzzle, chest, forelegs, and hind legs, and a white-tipped black tail. 

A Fawn Mantle Great Dane’s coat resembles a Mantle coat color pattern but instead of a black-colored blanket on the body, this area is Fawn, with a fawn skull, white muzzle, chest, forelegs, and hind legs, and a white-tipped fawn tail.

Fawn is a shade of light brown which ranges from soft tan to a light brown.

Does the American Kennel Club recognize the Fawn Mantle Great Dane?

The Fawn Mantle Merle Great Dane is registered but not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as an official Great Dane breed color. 

This also means the coat color cannot participate in the American Kennel Club’s conformation shows. This is because they do not meet the breed’s standards of the Mantle Great Dane. 

The description of the Mantle coat color pattern accepted by the American Kennel Club is:

“ a black and white dog that has a solid black blanket over its body, with a white muzzle, neck, chest, legs and tail tip.” 

Any variation of this description is referred to as a mismarked Mantle Great Dane, which is a dog whose colors do not align with the accepted breed qualities. 

The American Kennel Club currently recognizes seven Great Dane coat colors. These are Black, Merle, Fawn, Harlequin, Brindle, Blue, and Mantle.

Variations of the Mantle Great Dane coat pattern include:

The Fawn Mantle Great Dane is still sought after by Great Dane owners because of its unique coat color, despite not being a show dog.

Therefore if you do not intend to have a show dog but still want a very affectionate Great Dane, the Fawn Mantle is still a good choice among the Great Dane colors.

The Genetics Of The Fawn Mantle Great Dane

Mantle Great Danes come from the breeding of two Mantle Great Danes, a Harlequin with a Mantle Great Dane, or two Harlequin Great Danes.

Mismarked puppies including mismarked Mantles can be born from this ethical breeding of the acceptable Great Dane colors.

A Fawn Mantle Great Dane puppy is produced when a Mantle puppy inherits the dominant gene for Fawn, from its parents.

The dominant Fawn gene is made up of two copies of the dominant Ay alleles, which a puppy inherits from each parent.  

These alleles are located in the A-locus region of a Great Dane’s DNA. This produces a Fawn Mantle puppy. 

Are Fawn Mantle Great Danes rare?

The Fawn Mantle Great Danes are rarely seen but they do exist. The puppies can come from litters from the breeding of the standard Great Danes colors or deliberate breeding by professional breeders.

Professional breeders can increase the probability of a puppy receiving two copies of the dominant Fawn gene from its parents.

Two copies of the dominant Ay alleles that form the gene are required for the expression of Fawn in the Mantle coat pattern instead of black.

Through specific and deliberate breeding, breeders can produce the Fawn Mantle Great Danes.

Fawn Mantle Great Dane Temperament

The coat color of a Fawn Mantle Great Dane does not affect their temperament. The different Great Dane coat colors all have the breed’s personality because there is no correlation between coat color and change in personality.

Therefore the Fawn Mantle Great Dane has the personality of a Great Dane. 

They are generally gentle, confident, affectionate, friendly, loyal, and eager to please their owners. They are also good family dogs that get along with both children and other pets.

Consistent socialization and training are also important in shaping a Great Dane’s overall personality, therefore these should be provided.

Fawn Mantle Great Dane Health

Research has proven that the coat color of a dog makes them more susceptible to certain health problems than others. 

This includes dogs with coats that are merle, piebald, white, roan, and dilute-colored coats which are fawn and blue are prone to certain health problems.

The Fawn Mantle Great Dane has the fawn coat color and is susceptible to a hereditary condition called color dilution alopecia (CDA).

Color dilution alopecia (CDA) causes thinning of the coat hair, hair loss, inflamed bald patches on the coat that are itchy, and flaky skin.

Unfortunately, the condition does not have a cure however it is managed with regular bathing using a medicated shampoo to prevent itching and the development of infections. 

Breeders usually make sure not to include parent Great Danes that have CDA in their breeding program to prevent passing on the genetic condition to the offspring.

This ensures that puppies that are purchased are less likely to develop the condition.

The Fawn Mantle Great Dane is also susceptible to health problems that are common to Great Dane. These include:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Dilated cardiomyopathy
  • Arthritis
  • Wobblers Syndrome
  • Bloat
  • Cancer
  • Hypothyroidism

Fawn Mantle Great Danes are generally healthy dogs and do not necessarily develop these illnesses, however, it is important to have regular health checks and general good care to ensure they live healthy lives.

By being aware of the possible Fawn Mantle Great Dane health problems of a dog, you can know what to expect when you get one including the care they need to be healthy. 

 Generally, Great Danes have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years, which also applies to the Fawn Mantle Great Dane. 

Fawn Mantle Great Dane Price

The Fawn Mantle Great Dane price is typically in the range of $1500 to $3000, however, prices vary depending on the breeder and their location. 

Also, expect this premium price because of this unique coat color and also if the breeder requires to deliberately produce them if they are not available. 

The Fawn Mantle puppy color can also be found in litters from the typical breeding of the standard Great Dane coat colors, making them available.

 Fawn Mantle Great Dane puppies are also usually more expensive than adult dogs or dogs from adoption centers.

Be cautious of unscrupulous puppy mills out to make a profit from selling Fawn Mantle as rare Great Danes with hiked prices. 

Always buy your Great Dane from reputable Great Dane breeders.

Where to Buy or Adopt a Fawn Mantle Great Dane

Fawn Mantle Great Danes can be purchased or adopted from Great Dane breeders or Great Dane adoption centers. 

It is an uncommon practice for purebred Great Dane Breeders to purposefully produce a mismarked puppy that is outside the breed standards, however, they can still occur in puppy litters.

Therefore, some breeders may have them available, and also they can be deliberately produced.

The American Kennel Club’s marketplace is a resource for approved and certified Great Dane breeders. You can start your search for a Blue Fawn Great Dane here. 

Reputable Great Dane adoption includes:

Summary: Fawn Mantle Great Dane

The Fawn Mantle Great Dane is a very interesting Great Dane coat color. The coat color is a Mantle coat pattern with a Fawn coat color, which is referred to as a mismarked Mantle Great Dane.

The coat color pattern is the only difference between the Fawn Mantle Great Dane and other Great Dane coat color patterns. The dogs have the same personality as well as physical features. 

Fawn Mantle Great Danes are generally healthy dogs and it takes good care, socialization, and training to raise them well. They are great companion dogs.

If you are set on getting a Fawn Mantle Great Dane you can purchase a puppy from a Great Dane rescue center or a reputable Great Dane breeder.


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