All Blue Great Dane Colors Explained (With Pictures)

The Great Dane comes in different colors which are all unique and fascinating. There are seven official coat color patterns of the breed which include Black, Harlequin, Fawn, Brindle, Mantle, Blue, and Merle.

The Blue Great Dane is among these amazing coat colors.

So what is a Blue Great Dane? What are the Blue Great Dane color variations?

In this article, we will go into more detail on the Blue Great Dane colors, what they are and how to identify them.

The Blue Great Dane is a coat color with a base coat that is a soft gray or slate color with a blue hue covering.

The Blue Great Dane has a distinct nose pigmentation that is a gray-bluish color which is also another physical identifier of the coat color.

The Blue is not a sky blue color but a subtle gray color. Blue is a dilute black coat color that appears as a soft gray.

Variations of the Blue Great Dane color exist based on different coat color patterns, however, not all of the colors are recognized by the American Kennel Club.

The coat color is linked to genetics and the genes that a puppy inherits from both of its parents. 

Let’s dive into these different Blue Great Dane colors.

The Blue Great Dane colors are:

Steel Blue Great Dane

steel blue great dane

The Steel Blue Great Dane is the only Blue Great Dane color that is recognized by the American Kennel council. 

The Steel Blue Great Dane is described as a Great Dane with a soft gray, slate, or sliver-colored coat all over the body. Any white markings on the chest or toes are undesirable.

Blue Harlequin Great Dane

blue harlequin great dane

A Blue Harlequin Great Dane is a Great Dane with a Harlequin coat pattern which is a white base coat that is covered with torn gray patches or spots all over the body.

The Blue Harlequin Great Dane looks like a Harlequin Great Dane but instead of the black torn patches found on the white base coat of a standard Harlequin, the patches are gray.

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Blue Merle Great Dane

A Blue Merle Great Dane is a Great Dane with a Merle coat color pattern which has a gray base coat covered with dilute black or gray markings.

They are also commonly known as dilute Merles because of the dilution of the black spots on the Merle coat pattern to gray. 

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Blue Brindle Great Dane

blue brindle great dane puppy

The Blue Brindle Great Dane refers to a Great Dane with blue coat color in combination with the Brindle coat color pattern. 

The Brindle coat color pattern is sometimes described as a tiger-striped pattern with shades of red to orange as the base color with black stripes.  

This pattern can have variations depending on the genes that a Great Dane puppy inherits from their parents. 

A Blue Brindle Great Dane has a brindle coat color pattern with gray stripes and soft fawn color in between them.

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Blue Fawn Great Dane

Blue Fawn Great Dane

A Blue Fawn Great Dane is a Great Dane with a fawn coat color, a light brown coat with a gray mask over its face. 

They are a Fawn Great Dane however their mask, which is the area around their eyes and muzzle, is gray instead of black.

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Blue Mantle Great Dane

Blue Mantle Great Dane

A Blue Mantle Great Dane is a coat color pattern having a Mantle pattern however the coat is blue and black having a solid blue blanket over the body, with a blue skull, white muzzle, chest, forelegs, and hind legs, and a white-tipped blue tail.

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Why choose a Blue Great Dane Color?: Does coat color matter?

The color of a Great Dane does matter if you want your dog to participate in the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) conformation dog shows. 

The Steel Blue Great Dane is the only acceptable color that can compete in the AKC dog shows while the other Blue Great Dane colors are disqualified.

Although Blue Brindle, Blue Mantle, Blue Harlequin, Blue Merle, and Blue Fawn cannot compete in dog shows, this does not mean that they are not good dogs to own.

Many Great Dane owners love the different unique color patterns and they are sought after. 

If your intention is not to compete, these Blue Great Dane colors are still great companions to own. They have the same personality and qualities of the Great Dane dog breed.

However, if you want to participate in dog shows the Steel Blue Great Dane is the accepted Blue Great Dane color.

Where to Buy or Adopt Blue Great Dane Colors

Blue Great Dane colors are commonly available at Great Dane rescue centers or from Great Dane breeders.   

When planning to purchase a Blue Great Dane puppy, always purchase them from a reputable Great Dane adoption center or professional Great Dane breeder.

Expect to pay around $1000 – $3000 from a reputable breeder. This price will vary depending on the different Blue Great Dane colors.

The American Kennel Club’s marketplace is a good starting point for approved and certified Great Dane breeders. 

Adoption is also possible through Great Dane rescue centers which include Great Dane Rescue, and the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League.

Summary: Blue Great Dane Colors

One fascinating thing about Great Danes is their beautiful coat color which comes in different shades, tones, and patterns which gives owners different options to choose from. 

The Steel Blue Great Dane is the official Blue Great Dane coat color. Other colors and patterns that do not meet the Steel Blue great Dane description are not accepted as show dog colors.

Despite their differences in tone and coat color pattern, the Blue Great Dane colors are all unique and are loved by Great Dane owners. 

When your heart is set on purchasing any Great Dane coat color or pattern, make sure to purchase one from a reputable breeder or Great Dane rescue center to obtain a healthy puppy or dog. 


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