Why Does My Cane Corso Snore So Loud? (Explained)

Snoring in dogs is generally not a significant concern and is considered a normal occurrence in many cases. However, there are certain situations where snoring can cause concern  especially  if your Cane Corso suddenly starts snoring loudly or more frequently when they didn’t snore much before.

So, what causes a Cane Corso to snore loudly?

We outline potential causes of why a Cane Corso may snore loudly and when to seek help.

Why does my Cane Corso snore so loud?

Loud snoring of a Cane Corso is caused by their sleeping position, allergies, upper respiratory infection,  obesity, age and obstructions in the airway. The intensity and frequency of snoring can vary from one dog to another, just as it does in humans.

Why does my Cane Corso snore so loud