Why Does My Cane Corso Lick Everything (Here’s Why)

Dogs display a number of unusual behaviors and as a Can Corso owner you have probably experienced some at one point. One of these behaviors is a Cane Corso licking everything around them.

It is quite concerning to see this and particularly distressing if you’re not sure what’s causing the behavior. 

We’ll go over the various reasons why a Cane Corso licks everything, tips for addressing this behavior, and when to seek help.

Here’s Why Cane Corso licks everything

When a Cane Corso licks everything, this is usually due to an underlying medical or behavioral conditions which includes hunger or thirst, anxiety, affection toward their owners, compulsive behavior, explorations, underlying health condition, boredom, pain, dehydration, nausea, canine cognitive dysfunction,and hunger.

Cane Corso lick everything