Why Does My Bernese Mountain Dog Sit On Me?

One interesting thing you will experience as a Bernese Mountain Dog owner is occasionally having your giant dog sit on you. You may be in the living room on the couch and your dog comes and suddenly flops at your lap ignoring all the space available in the room to sit on. Why does this happen?

Why does my Bernese Mountain Dog sit on me? The main reason why your Bernese Mountain Dog sits on you is that they are affectionate dogs by nature and love to be close to their owners and this is one of the ways they show affection for you. It is part of bonding with you, a display of their protective behavior, a relief of separation anxiety, and sometimes a need for warmth.

In this article, we will further explain in-depth these motivations on why a Bernese Mountain Dog likes to sit on their owners and the different ways Bernese Mountain Dogs show affection. 

Why does my Bernese Mountain Dog sit on me

A Bernese Mountain Dog loves affection and companionship.

These are the qualities that make them good family dogs because they show love to all family members and try to be close to them.

The following explains why your Bernese Mountain Dog likes to sit on you.

They are affectionate dogs

Although they are assertive and willful dogs, the Bernese Mountain Dog’s is also an affectionate dog.

This means they are loving dogs and love being close to their owners and families. However but not so much towards outsiders.

Sitting on you is a sign of affection from them by showing how much they crave being next to you. This behavior demonstrates perfectly how they love their owners.

Unaware of their size

Despite their large size, Bernese Mountain Dogs are not aware or concerned about the awkwardness of sitting on you.

In their mind, they believe they can do this just like lap dogs do, to be close to their owners.

This is cute and shows how much they long to be next to you.

Caution should however be taken in a home with children because when a Bernese Mountain Dog attempts to sit on them, they might hurt them because of their weight.

Protective nature

Bernese Mountain Dogs are protective by nature and sitting on you shows their protectiveness over you.

Despite a lack of danger or threat around, they are driven to show protection.

Relief from separation anxiety

Separation anxiety does occur in the Bernese Mountain Dog and this is experienced when they are not close to their owners.

This happens when you are away from your home. especially if they have not been trained. When you come back home from work or from other errands, your Bernese Mountain Dog may sit on you to feel close to you after the long period of being separated from you.

This comforts them and eases their anxiety.

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Bonding with you

Sitting on you is indicative of a Bernese Mountain Dog wanting to bond with you. It is a time they feel that they have quality time to bond and enjoy being with you. 

To get warm

Sometimes sitting on you is a way they seek warmth especially in the cold months. They have short coats which offer little protection against the cold.

When you notice this at this time, you can cover them with a blanket to help keep them warm.

How do the Bernese Mountain Dog show affection?

The Bernese Mountain Dog’s personality describes a dog that is devoted, confident, friendly, and loving.

As a loving and devoted dog to their family, they aim to be close to the owners and families. The following are ways a Bernese Mountain Dog shows affection.


A Bernese Mountain Dog loves to cuddle with its owners. Don’t be surprised when they snuggle next to you on the couch or want to sleep with you in your bed.

They love the closeness with the people they love.

Leaning on you

Bernese Mountain Dogs also show affection by leaning on you. This is like a body hug to you which also shows trust and comfort in you.

Sitting on your lap

Sitting on you as shown in the article, is a show of affection and love from a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Yes, they may not be aware of their size but it is one of the common ways they show their love and need for closeness.

Laying a paw on you

Affection also comes through touch whereby they will place a paw on you.

Following you

Bernese Mountain Dogs are people dogs and thrive on being next to them.

They might follow you everywhere in your home by walking alongside you.

This can also be due to separation anxiety where they feel you are about to leave the house and so do not leave your side.

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Looking at you in the eye

Eye contact is a very intimate connection with a dog. When a Bernese Mountain Dog looks you in the eye for a long time, it is an indication of love and trust.

It creates a bond between you and them. This stare usually signals their brain to release hormones called oxytocin which helps in bonding with their owners.

This is the same hormone that nursing mothers produce while with their newborns which creates a bond and attachment to them.

Licking you

Licking from a Bernese Mountain Dog is considered a dog kiss which is a representation of how they love you.

Jumping at you

Jumping at you is an indication of joy, showing how happy they are to see you especially after some time of being separated from you.


The Bernese Mountain Dog is a loving dog that loves to be close to its owners. There are different ways they show their love to their owners and sitting on you being one of them. 

If children are in your home also take caution so that they are not hurt due to the weight and strength of the dog when they try to sit on them.