My Cane Corso Doesn’t Bark! Should I Worry?

Our dogs communicate with us through gestures, expressions, and yes, barks. However, what happens when your Cane Corso, renowned for its imposing presence and protective instincts, chooses to remain silent?

It is quite concerning and particularly distressing if you’re not sure what’s causing the behavior. 

We’ll go over the various reasons why your Cane Corso doesn’t bark , tips for addressing this behavior, and when to seek help.

Here’s why your Cane Corso doesn't bark

If your Cane Corso doesn’t bark, this can be due to their individual personality, underlying health issues, a young dog learning how to communicate, their training and socialization which results in barking less, they don’t perceive threats in their environment, fear or anxiety and vocal cord strain.

My Cane Corso doesn't bark