Why Is My Great Dane So Small? (Explained)

Great Danes are large breed dogs that grow up to be massive dogs. They are rightfully called the ‘Apollo of dogs” because of their size. 

However, seeing your Great Dane not growing to the expected size at different growth stages and being small can be concerning. 

What can cause a Great Dane to be so small?

Let’s look at the common reasons why a Great Dane can be so small.

Why Is My Great Dane So Small?

A Great Dane can be so small because of poor diet, illness, effects of puppy teething, and genetics. It is normal for Great Danes to have a slow growth rate as a large breed dog and appear small with a healthy weight. However, medical evaluation is required to determine if they are developing well or have an underlying problem.

great dane so small

The Great Dane grows up to be a very large dog and if you observe any unusual change including weight loss or excessive weight gain, talk to your veterinarian.


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