How Often Do Great Danes Go In Heat?

The reproductive stage when a female Great Dane is fertile and ready to mate is commonly referred to as being in heat or estrus. So how often do Great Danes go in heat? 

Female Great Danes go into heat every 12 to 18-months. The cycle is not frequent compared to small breed dogs and they experience the first heat cycle around the age of 6 to 14 months. During the cycle, their body increases in estrogen thereafter a sudden decrease which is followed by the release of eggs from the ovaries. 

A female Great Dane continues to go into the heat cycle throughout her life. As a Great Dane owner, it is important to recognize the start of the heat cycle to better care for them as well as prevent breeding.

Signs of A Female Great Dane in Heat

how often do great danes go in heat

Swelling of the reproductive organs

One of the first signs of a female Great Dane in heat is the swelling of the external  reproductive organs.

The reproductive organs become red and swollen which indicates she has started the heat cycle.

Paying more attention to her reproductive organs

Following the swelling of the eternal  reproductive organs, a female Great Dane will have an increased interest and attention to this area. She will be sniffing and licking it a lot more than usual.

Vaginal bleeding

Blood spotted vaginal discharge will be produced. Some Great Danes have a heavy discharge while some have minimal discharge.

To prevent your home from being soiled by the discharge, I recommend getting a dog diaper that they can wear.

The diapers that are best suited for a Great Danes size are the Wegreego Reusable dog diapers. They are washable diapers available in different sizes as well as having an allowance for your dog’s tail.

There are disposable diapers but most of them do not come in the size of a Great Dane. 

Frequent urination

During the heat cycle, a female Great Dane will constantly urinate. This is normal during this time.

The urine contains pheromones and hormones that give a scent to male dogs signaling that she is in heat and ready to mate.

Behavior change

When a female Great Dane is in heat, you will notice a change in behavior from her and she will want to mate when the vaginal discharge decreases.

She will be more distracted and nervous than usual and will try to get pregnant at any cost.

She will also be more receptive to male Great Danes by courting them, initiating the mating position by raising her behind towards them, or moving her tail on one side which is known as “flagging”, to enable mating.

To prevent breeding during this time, walk her on a leash when outside your home where she may meet male suitors and also keep her contained in your house or backyard to prevent access to male dogs.

This behavior is temporary and she returns to her normal self after her heat cycle ends.

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How long does a Great Dane stay in heat?

A Great Dane stays in heat for 2 to 4 weeks. The heat cycle is considered to begin following the first signs of swelling of the external reproductive organs, her attention to this area, and the appearance of a discharge.

The cycle ends when the discharge completely stops and the reproductive organ resumes its usual size.

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At what age should a female Great Dane be spayed?

A female Great Dane should be spayed  when they are at least one year old and after they have experienced their first heat cycle.

Having them spayed at this time prevents the occurrence of developmental issues and also prevents the formation of blood clots due to an increase in hormone level during and around the heat cycle.

Therefore they should also be spayed at least two months after their heat cycle.


When a female Great Dane matures sexually, they go through a cycle where they are ready for mating which is commonly known as being in heat.

This is a stage you will notice both behavioral and physical changes that will confirm they are in a heat cycle.

As a Great Dane owner, being aware of these signs helps you to be more prepared in terms of their care as well as prevent breeding.

Also, talk to your vet about spaying a female Great Dane and  neutering your Great Dane  male dog and when to do it. 

I hope this article gave you an insight into how often Great Danes go in heat and what you can do to care for them during their cycle.

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