How Fast Do Great Danes Grow?

Puppies grow fast and in a matter of months, they become full-grown dogs. When you have a Great Dane puppy, you may be wondering or eager to know how fast they grow. So based on the Great Dane’s adult size, the question is, how fast do Great Danes grow? 

Great Danes grow rapidly for the first 12 months with a growth spurt at 4-6 months and become fully grown between 18 to 24 months of age. Their growth rate in their first year is similar to a human’s first 14 years which is huge growth within a year. The size and height at different stages of life depend on an individual dog’s genetics, diet, and the environment because each Great Dane is different. 

It’s a fact puppies do grow fast. In this post, we will go over the Great Dane’s growth rate, their growth spurts, and how long it takes before they are fully grown.

At What Age Do Great Danes Stop Getting Taller?


Great Danes stop getting taller between the ages of 18 to 24-months. Most reach their full height at 18 months, however, some reach this milestone at 24 months. 

The Great Dane’s height is influenced by their growth plates which are soft cartilage tissue found at the end of their long bones.

The growth plates multiply in cells, increasing a Great Dane’s height. When the growth plates close, the Great Dane stops getting taller and reaches its maximum full height.

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How long before a Great Dane is fully grown?

A Great Dane is fully grown when they are between 18 – 24 months old. At 24 months or 2 years of age, they will have attained their full adult frames with males weighing between 140 -175 pounds and 28 – 32 inches in height, while females being 110 to 140 lbs in weight with a height of 28 to 32 inches. 

How big is a 2-month-old Great Dane?

A 2-month-old Great Dane will weigh between 18 to 26 lbs and 13 to 18 inches in height. Most Great Dane puppies will be around his height and weight however this is an estimate because different puppies grow at different rates even those from the same litter. 

How many growth spurts do Great Danes have?

Great Danes have one large growth spurt that occurs between 4 – 6 months of age. Rapid growth is experienced where they increase in height. The Great Dane puppy may experience mild growing pains during this time.

Great Dane Growth Spurt Symptoms

The Great Dane experiences growth spurt symptoms around the age of 4 – 6 months. During this time they are rapidly growing, gaining 2 inches in height per week. They may look skinny with not a lot of muscle, which is quite normal.

Most of their muscle gain starts from 18 – 24 months long after the growth spurt period to build their adult frame. 

The Great Danes growth spurt symptoms comprise of :

  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • More sleep than usual
  • Constant hiccups
  • Frequent whimpering with no calls

Some of these symptoms may go unnoticed while they go through this phase. The symptoms are a normal part of life and go away as soon as the puppy completes this growth stage.  

During their growth spurt period, feed them the appropriate large or giant breed dog food to provide the necessary nutrition needed for healthy development.

However, do not overfeed them because being overweight puts pressure on the developing bones and joints, and overfeeding as well as over-exercising them may lead to the development of orthopedic disorders such as hip dysplasia.

Follow the right feeding quantities and frequency of meals per day which changes depending on their age as they continue growing.

It is also always best to consult your vet for a physical examination of your puppy to rule out any infections or diseases that may also contribute to similar symptoms.

Great Dane Growth Chart

The Great Dane growth chart gives an estimate of the expected height and weight of a Great Dane at different stages of life. The following shows these growth numbers:


WEIGHT (lbs)

HEIGHT (Inches)




1 Week 



2 Weeks



3 Weeks



1 Month



6 Weeks



2 Months



3 Months



4 Months



5 Months



6 Months



7 Months



8 Months



9 Months



1 Year



Remember these are estimates and should not be taken as exact numbers because Great Danes grow at different rates depending on the individual dog’s genes, environment, and diet. Also puppies of the same litter present differences. 

If your puppy falls a little bit below or above the stated estimates, do not worry because this is normal. Your breeder should also be able to guide you on the approximate height and weight of your puppy depending on their parents’ growth pattern and overall size.

Also, reach out to your vet if you have any other concerns surrounding your puppy’s growth.


In this post, you learned how fast the Great Dane grows and the overall development stages.

A Great Dane puppy comes home as a little cuddly pup and in no time becomes a giant dog. Their growth rate is different from small breed dogs and takes longer for them to reach adulthood.

As their owner, it is important to be aware of their growth stages to know what to expect and be more prepared for their care. 

I hope this article helped you learn more about the Great Dane’s growth and if you liked this article, check out more resources on Great Danes below.

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