Can I Get Giardia From My Dog Licking Me?

Our dogs’ warm and wet kisses are an important part of the special connection we share. They are loving gestures that reflect their deep affection and loyalty towards us. 

However, it is only natural for a dog owner to consider the potential health risks associated with a dog licking you. 

Giardia, a microscopic parasite that causes stomach upset in both humans and animals and it is one of the concerns in mind in addition to other possible health risks of dog licking.

So, can you contract Giardia from your dog’s loving licks?

We aim to explain more about Giardia transmission, and address the worries that often arise when your dog shows their affectionate through licking.

Can I get giardia from my dog licking me?

Yes, you can get Giardia from your dog licking you. Dogs that have licked their anus can potentially pass the parasite to humans during facial licking.

While dog licking is not the most common route of transmission of Giardia, it is possible for Giardia to be passed from a dog to a human through licking, although it is extremely rare and the risk is relatively low. 

The main route of transmission of Giardia from dogs to humans is through the fecal-oral route, that is, through ingestion of dog feces with the parasite, either in contaminated water or food.

can i get giardia from my dog licking me