Black Cane Corso Turning Brown: Top 4 Reasons For This Phenomenon

Witnessing a sudden change in the appearance of your Cane Corso can be both confusing and concerning.

Seeing your Black Cane Corso turning brown is such an unexpected transformation which can be disheartening.

We outline the reasons behind why your Black Cane Corso is turning brown, and what  to do during this transformation.

Can Black dogs turn brown?

Black Cane Corso turning brown

Yes, black dogs can undergo a change in coat color and turn brown. This change in coat color is often referred to as “fading” or “bleaching.” It’s a natural occurrence that can happen due to various factors or due to an underlying health issue or a dietary insufficiency.

Why is my Black Cane Corso turning brown?

A Black Cane Corso turning black happens due to excessive sun exposure, nutrient deficiencies, aging, and  underlying health conditions.