Is My Great Dane Depressed?

It can be very concerning when your Great Dane is not excited about anything and seems sad. Just like us, Great Danes can get depressed.

Depression causes sadness and a lack of excitement for activities or life. It can be hard to tell if your Great Dane is experiencing depression, but there are signs to look out for to know their mental state and if they are depressed. 

So, is your Great Dane depressed? 

Let’s dive into what to look out for to determine a depressed Great Dane.

Is My Great Dane Depressed?

Great Danes do get depressed and the signs include hiding, disinterest, loss of appetite, change of sleep habits, and excessive paw licking. Some of these signs are also displayed if there is an underlying health problem therefore it is important to get them examined to rule out any underlying problems.

great dane depressed

Great Dane depression can be treated with medication, enrichment of their environment and behavior modification.

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