Great Dane Crying: 7 Reasons Why And What To Do

It can be very confusing to see a Great Dane crying. Crying or whining is one of the many forms of vocalization that dogs use to communicate.

Therefore it is normal for a Great Dane to cry. But what are the reasons behind it and what does it mean when they do it?

In this article, we will dive into the reasons behind Great Dane’s crying and what you can do about it.

Great Dane crying occurs because of fear, anxiety, illness, need for attention, excitement, wanting something, or boredom. Crying occurs in these different situations and a Great Dane will cry as one of its forms of vocalization accompanied by body language to communicate and express its wants or needs.

By identifying the context or when your Great Dane’s crying occurs, you can respond appropriately to help them.

great dane crying

Reasons for Great Dane Crying


A frightened Great Dane will cry as a response to something that scares them. This can be noise, loud honking from cars, thunderstorms, or anything that is perceived as a danger or threat to their safety. 

Fear may also come when they feel they are at the veterinarian which makes them cry due to the negative experience associated with medical visits.


Great Danes are very prone to separation anxiety. They become very anxious when separated from their owners or left alone. 

During an episode of anxiety, crying, trembling, pacing, barking, howling and destructive behavior are expressed.

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Sickness can also cause a Great Dane to whine or cry especially if they are in pain or feeling discomfort. 

Crying is a way they vocalize how they are feeling and this can show you that they are unwell, depressed or sad and need help.

Need for attention

A Great Dane can whine or cry to also seek your attention. Great Danes are naturally people-oriented breeds meaning they love to be close to owners and family. 

Therefore if they feel neglected or sense that you are not paying much attention to them, a need to play with you or even sit near you, they may start to cry to get your attention, to bring your focus to them.


Crying is also a way of showing excitement especially when a Great Dane sees you after being separated from you. This can include jumping on you and also vocalizing it with a cry due to excitement.

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A bored Great Dane with nothing to do can experience boredom and will whine. Great Danes need mental and physical stimulation and if this is not provided, they might engage in destructive behavior and also cry a lot.

Wanting something

Dogs can talk to us to tell us what they want or need. The only way to express their feelings is to vocalize them through different sounds.

Crying is one of the ways they communicate with us. Therefore they cry to ask for something from us such as holding a leash while crying which indicates a need to go for a walk, or a need to be fed.

What To Do About Great Dane Crying

Provide them with what they need

A Great Dane crying can be an indication that they need something from you such as food or to go out for a walk. The best way to communicate or express this need is to cry. 

Therefore if this is the case provide them with what they need at the moment.

Play with them

Crying can also be an indicator that your Great Dane just wants to play with you and is seeking your attention.

If they seem very eager to interact with you, provide them with attention by either playing with them, cuddling them, or engaging in activities that they like.

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Provide toys

A bored Great Dane can cry or whine all the time because they have nothing else to do to engage them or to keep them occupied. 

Great Danes need mental and physical stimulation therefore provide toys for them to play with, activities, or exercise appropriate for their age. This will help to minimize boredom.

Receive their excitement

Your Great Dane can be very happy when they see you come back home or if you have been separated from you for a long period. 

Crying is just a way that they vocalize their excitement and it is a sign of affection. Therefore return the affection by hugging them, petting them, or just a show of affection.

Comfort them

If the whining or crying is due to fear that might have been caused by a particular trigger, remove your Great Dane from the situation and comfort them.

This includes moving them away from the noise and also minimizing exposure to situations that may frighten them.

Seek medical care

Illness can also be the reason why a Great Dane whines and cries because of pain. If your Great Dane continuously whines and is also seemingly in pain or other symptoms of illness also appear, seek medical care.


Great Dane crying is a normal way of communication to express their needs, wants, or fear and occurs in different situations. It can also indicate that something else is wrong such as a Great Dane being sick and crying out due to pain.

When your Great Dane cries, try to assess the situation to identify the possible cause to respond appropriately to the situation and help them.

Seek medical care if they present signs of sickness, discomfort, or when you might not be sure what would be causing the crying.

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