Great Dane Afraid of Everything?: Here’s Why

A Great Dane that is afraid of everything is not a pretty sight. Great Danes are giant dogs that command the presence and are confident dogs which is one of the breed’s characteristics.

It is normal for a dog to be scared of certain situations, however, being afraid of everything is an extreme case and can be a sign that something may be wrong.

Why is your Great Dane afraid of everything? 

Let’s look at what can cause a Great Dane to be afraid of everything.

Why Is My Great Dane Afraid of Everything?

A Great Dane can be afraid of everything because of a lack of socialization, pain, genetics or trauma. It is important to understand the underlying factors that make a Great Dane afraid of everything so that appropriate action can be implemented to help them.

great dane afraid of everything

The veterinarian is the first contact in determination of the underlying cause of your dog’s fear, therefore reach out to them for an evaluation. 

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