Is Irish Spring Soap Toxic To Dogs?

As a dog owner, you always want to ensure that your dog is safe and healthy. One aspect of their wellbeing that may not immediately come to mind is the products you use in your household. 

With various household items being potentially harmful to dogs, it’s important to investigate the safety of products before exposing your pet to them. This includes Irish Spring soap. 

So, is Irish Spring soap toxic to dogs?

We take a closer at whether Irish Spring soap is toxic to dogs and what you should do if your dog accidentally ingests it.

Is Irish Spring soap toxic to dogs?

Yes, Irish Spring soap can be toxic to dogs. It contains a number of ingredients that can be harmful to dogs, including Sodium lauryl sulfate which is a detergent that can irritate a dog’s skin and eyes, Triclosan which is an antibacterial that can be toxic if ingested and fragrance which contains essential oils that also can be toxic.

Is irish spring soap toxic to dogs