Great Dane Shaking And Drooling: Reasons Why

Great Danes are prone to drooling due to their head and lip structure which leads to moderate drooling. Drooling is also a normal function but in some cases can be abnormal especially when it suddenly starts, lasts for a long time, or presents with other symptoms. 

Shaking also occurs due to various reasons and when it occurs with drooling, it can be a sign of an underlying problem.

So what causes a Great Dane to shake and drool?

Let’s look at the common reasons why Great Dane shaking and drooling occurs.

Why Does Great Dane Shaking and Drooling Happen

Great Dane shaking and drooling occurs because of seizure disorders, nausea, anxiety, poisoning, liver or kidney failure, allergic reactions, pain, excitement, and old age. Shaking and drooling may be symptoms of an internal problem therefore medical attention may be required.

great dane shaking and drooling

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