Why Does My Great Dane Have Eye Boogers? (Explained)

A healthy Great Dane’s eyes should be clear, however, sometimes they can also have eye boogers.

Eye boogers or crusty eyes result from the accumulation of eye discharge at the corners of the eyes. It can be a little gross and sometimes have different colors.

So, what causes a Great Dane to have eye boogers?

Let’s look at the common reasons why Great Danes have eye boogers.

Why Does My Great Dane Have Eye Boogers?

Great Danes have eye boogers because of the build of eye discharge at the corner of the eyes. Eye boogers are caused by allergies, infection, eye irritation, blocked eye ducts, dry eyes, eye tumors, congenital abnormalities, eye injury, foreign material in the eyes, and discharge build-up throughout the day or after sleeping.

The pus-like eye discharge can vary in color from clear, yellow, green, white, red, black, or dark brown. 

great dane have eye boogers

Eye boogers are normal in all dogs and sometimes may be due to an underlying health problem. 

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