Can German Shepherds and Dobermans Live Together?

The German Shepherd and Doberman are both good dog breeds with unique traits that make them desirable to have as a dog owner. They are both known to have traits such as intelligence, loyalty, and fearlessness.


Can German Shepherds and Dobermans live together? German Shepherds and Dobermans can live together when provided with adequate training and socialization so that they may get along with each other. They are both instinctively dominant and territorial dog breeds especially towards other dogs of the same sex and can be aggressive. It is possible to own the two dog breeds, however, there are important considerations to understand and know about these two dogs and how to have them live together. 

In this article, we will look in detail at what to consider before having both dogs as a dog owner and have them living together. 


Despite being different breeds both the German Shepherd and the Doberman have several personality similarities and unique individual differences.

As an owner, one needs to understand both dogs’ personalities to know how to integrate them into your home. The similarities shared include:

  • They are both dominant, fearless, confident, and assertive breeds.
  • Are highly intelligent dogs. This means they are trainable because they can easily learn new commands in different disciplines.
  • Both have a guarding tendency where they protect their territory whether it be people or other animals.
  • Are loyal to their owners and good family pets.
  • If not exercised regularly both get bored and can be destructive around the home
  • They tend to burn to one person in a family however with proper training and socialization they form an attachment with the whole family 
  • Both have a high energy level
  • They both require consistent and firm training and socialization
  • They both thrive in challenging activities that stimulate them mentally and physically. Are people-oriented and love to please their owners therefore are quite obedient dogs.

How different are German Shepherds and Dobermans?

The differences are few and come in the form of their size, physical build, temperament, and grooming care. 

Size and physical build

Adult German Shepherds are about 24 to 26 inches tall, weighing 75 to 90 pounds while adult Dobermans are 26 to 28 inches tall and 60 to 80 pounds heavy. German Shepherds are heavier and a bit shorter while Dobermans are thinner and taller.


Both dogs are very intelligent and trainable breeds. However, on the personality aspect, the Doberman can get bored quite quickly with small tasks and become stubborn.

As their owner, you need to establish your dominance over them for compliance so that any training can be successful or the direction you give will be followed. Dobies also tend to be more aloof.

Grooming care

The German Shepherd’s coat is dense, having a double coat consisting of an inner and outer coat while the Doberman has a thin sleek coat.

More shedding is experienced from the German Shepherd than the Doberman which is an average shedder. Grooming care of the German Shepherd is more frequent compared to the Doberman.

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Can German Shepherds and Dobermans Live Together?

Factoring in the similarities it is clear to see that the German shepherd and the Doberman are slightly different and more similar. They can be integrated to live together by providing proper obedience training as well as socialization. 

How to Have A German Shepherd and Doberman Live Together

Raise Them Together

The recommendation for a great start with a German shepherd and Doberman living together is to get them as puppies and raise them together.

The two dogs will bond from early on and as they grow there will be fewer aggression tendencies. The early exposure of the two dogs enforces the ease of getting along with each other.

Consistent Training

Training is essential for both breeds to teach the desired behavior you want them to display. Training teaches them to get along with each other.

Engage a dog trainer for the training of both puppies or older dogs so that they receive the proper training that they require to be able to integrate well with each other.

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Pair Different Genders

It is best to pair the two dog breeds with the opposite sex dog. This means that if you have a male German shepherd pair it with a female Doberman and vice-versa.

This reduces behavioral problems such as aggression towards each other because naturally they have the desire to be dominant leaders and may feel challenged by other dogs to take up this leadership position.

The pairing of the opposite sex makes it easy for them to get along with each other because they will not feel challenged as much through their instinctive dominant nature and they can live together.

Provide Firm Leadership

As dominant breeds, these two dogs look for direction and leadership from their owners. Without this, it leads to behavioral problems such as aggressive behavior.

This can be prevented by giving them firm leadership, guidance, and direction. When you provide a proper structure for both, you assist in behavior management.

Provide the Required Attention to Both Breeds

Both dog breeds are very intelligent with high energy and require both mentally and physically challenging activities to thrive.

If they are not provided with these they tend to get bored and can be destructive around the home as they look for ways to use their energy.

The dogs can live together as long as you provide what they both need in terms of their care, proper training, exercise, and love. By having these, they’re able to thrive both as individual dogs and also with each other. 


The German shepherd and Doberman can coexist together in the same home. They share many similar personality traits and are also unique as individual dogs, having differences that are not that diverse.

The important aspect of having them living together is to have an understanding of their temperament or personality and provision of early guided training and provision of a good structure for them. Behavior and temperament are shaped by both upbringing and training. Indeed they are both devoted and loving companions to have!

 I hope this article helped you know how the German shepherd and Doberman can live together. By having in mind what to consider about the two dogs, you will be able to have a great start in having these two dog breeds live together in one home without any behavioral problems with each other. 

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