Why Does My Cane Corso Stare At Me? Reasons For The Intense Stare  

It can be extremely unsettling to see your Cane Corso stare at you. Not only is the behavior puzzling, it also makes you a tad uneasy and it is  normal to wonder what might be the reason behind the intense stare. 

We outline the reasons behind why a Cane Corso engages in those penetrating gazes. Understanding this behavior is not only important for deepening the bond between you and your dog but also for knowing what your dog might be trying to convey. 

Why does my Cane Corso stare at me?

A Cane Corso stares when they seek attention, it is also a sign of affection to their owners, they want something or need help, they stare while waiting for instructions from you, and due to curiosity by examining your actions or expressions, trying to understand you better.

Cane Corso stare at me