My Cane Corso’s Ears Won’t Stand Up! What Can I Do?

You’ve likely envisioned your Cane Corso’s majestic ears proudly perched atop your dog’s head, and their failure to stand after cropping can be disheartening. 

Erect ears are a common characteristic of the Cane Corso dog breed, but the dog breed is not born that way. Cane Corso puppies have to undergo an ear cropping procedure to achieve this look.

We outline the reasons why a  Cane Corso’s ears won’t stand up, and how to get them to stand up.

Here’s why your Cane Corso’s ears won't stand up

Unfortunately, not every Cane Corso puppy’s ears will always stand following surgery. The success of ear cropping surgery depends on the length of crop, the strength of the cartilage in their ears and the aftercare to ensure the ears stand up.

My Cane Corso ears won't stand up