My Cane Corso Doesn’t Listen! Reasons Why And Solutions

It is very frustrating when your Cane Corso does not listen to you. A Cane Corso can sometimes ignore your instructions, become unmotivated, or be difficult to train. 

Being able to identify the root cause of your Cane Corso’s resistance is the first step in improving this behavior.

So, why is your Cane Corso so stubborn?

Here’s what you need to know about why your Cane Corso doesn’t listen and how to deal with it.

Here’s why your Cane Corso doesn't listen

The reasons why your Cane Corso doesn’t listen include lack of training or inadequate traininghearing problems, hyperactivity, age, distraction, depression, excitement and mistreatment or intimidation. Most often stubbornness simply means a Cane Corso needs to be better taught what to do.

My Cane Corso doesn't listen