Is It Normal For Puppies To Have Hiccups?

Puppy hiccups can be very cute when your puppy has them. Hiccups appear occasionally and are experienced by your puppy throughout their lives.

But is it normal for puppies to have hiccups?

In this article, we dive in more on puppy hiccups, whether they are normal or not, if it is bad for puppies to have them, the causes of puppy hiccups, and also when to worry.

Is It Normal for Puppies to Have Hiccups?

Yes, it is normal for puppies to have hiccups because they are a normal process in mammals and quite common in young animals such as puppies compared to adult dogs. Hiccups can sometimes indicate a health issue if they are prolonged and also accompanied by other symptoms of illness.

Is it normal for puppies to have hiccups

So, What Causes Hiccups in Puppies?

Puppy hiccups are caused by various factors which include vigorous playtime, rapid drinking, and eating, stress, inhalation of an irritant, overexcitement, and illness.

These factors trigger a puppy’s diaphragm muscle to have irregular contractions which cause hiccups. The diaphragm is a muscle in the chest that is used in breathing and the irritation of its nerves results in hiccups.

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Is It Bad for Puppies to Have Hiccups?

No, it is not bad for puppies to have hiccups because they do not harm a puppy, however, hiccups can be a sign of an underlying health problem and should not be ignored. 

This means hiccups can indicate that your puppy is unwell and needs medical attention. 

Therefore it is always important to take note of the progress of your puppy’s hiccups, that is whether they go on for a long time, over 1 hour, and any symptoms of illness.

My Puppy Gets Hiccups Every Day: Should I Worry?

If your puppy is getting hiccups every day it is not a cause for concern because it is normal for both puppies and adult dogs to have hiccups frequently however only if they last for a few minutes and are not accompanied by signs of illness.


So, although it is common to have hiccups every day for a puppy, it is also wise to be on the lookout for other symptoms of sickness so as to know if they are sick. 

This helps you to differentiate between normal hiccups and illness. Normal puppy hiccups are just like human hiccups with slight body movement with the distinctive hiccup sound, sometimes no sound, and also an occasional burp.

Some conditions can also be mistaken as hiccups, such as retching or coughing.

If you’re not sure whether your puppy is having hiccups or not, always contact your veterinarian for a check-up.

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When There Is a Cause for Concern

Different health conditions can trigger hiccups in a puppy, cause hiccups to appear more frequently, and last for a long time.

These underlying health conditions include respiratory conditions such as pneumonia, asthma, or bronchitis, congenital heart disease, heatstroke, gastrointestinal conditions such as acid reflux or stomach upset, tumors, neurological conditions, parasites, and cancer.

Take them to the veterinarian when they:

  • Seem to be in pain
  • Drool excessively
  • Hiccups change to wheezing
  • Vomit
  • Have difficulty in breathing or are choking
  • Are weak and collapse
  • The gums are pale or blue-tinged 

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