How To Keep A Cane Corso From Jumping At You (7 Tips)

Having a massive dog like the Cane Corso jump on you can be scary and overwhelming especially when they’re adults. They can easily knock you down because of their weight and size.

There are ways to train them so that this won’t be a problem. If you want to prevent accidents from happening to you, other people or even getting dirty paws on you, we’re going to show you how to keep a Cane Corso from jumping at you.

The list below contains 6 helpful tips that will help you train your Cane Corso from jumping up. Teaching them how not to do this is best done when they are a puppy to prevent them from growing up with the behavior.

The methods can still be used to train a puppy or an adult Cane Corso. Number 6 is the most important key element of this process and so ensure that this is done to be able to be successful.

Why does my Cane Corso jump on me?

A Cane Corso can jump on their owner for various reasons including excitement, attention-seeking, a display of dominance, lack of training, and as a habit done without correction.

How to keep a Cane Corso from jumping at you

How To Keep A Cane Corso From Jumping At You

1. Keep your hands crossed on your chest

When your Cane Corso comes towards you and wants to jump at you, immediately cross your arms across your chest and stay still.

They will come to you with so much excitement but do not engage them or embrace them by speaking to them.

2. Don't give them attention

Try to ignore them until they come down and have their paws on the floor.

Be calm with no excitement to also help them to be calm. If they continue to jump at you proceed to step 3.

3. Turn in the opposite direction and walk away

With your hands still crossed over on your chest, turn in the opposite direction and walk away from your dog.

They will still follow you but do not offer them any attention and walk away into a different room or area that separates you from them.

4. Use command words

After a few minutes of separation come back to them and if they want to jump at you again, repeat the same process again and this time use command words such as “no”, “stay” or “sit” before turning and walking away if they don’t listen.

Use a stern voice to show disapproval and direction so that they understand that a different action is required from jumping.

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5. Reward change of behavior

When they start obeying the commands and understanding the cue to stop jumping, immediately give them a treat and shower them with praises which shows approval to the new action opposite to jumping.

This offers a positive reinforcement showing them that they are displaying the desired behavior which will reinforce the good behavior.

Your Cane Corso will associate the desired behavior to the reward and this will encourage them to repeat acting differently over jumping up. Training treats such as the Blue Buffalo Wilderness training treats are perfect for this process to reward your Cane Corso. 

6. Consistency is crucial

Consistency in the process is key to ensure that your Cane Corso understands what is expected of them.

Be consistent with the training process and also continue training them in different situations that involve your family or friends.

Inform your family and friends on the training method and that your dog is not allowed to jump on them and also how they should react when the dog tries to jump on them.

It takes cooperation from the people around your dog in making the training consistent and your Cane Corso not being allowed to jump on anyone.

Introduce your Cane Corso to people on a leash and before they greet them, use the command words to ensure that they don’t jump on them. When your dog listens, provide them with a treat as a reward and praise them for their good behavior.

Also, ask the other person to give your dog a treat which will also reinforce the good behavior in your Cane Corso by recognizing they are rewarded when they do not jump.

7. Do not lose your cool

Don’t yell or shout to your dog or punish them if they continue jumping at you.

This will only provide negative attention which they will still relish in getting some sort of attention from you even if it is negative and they will continue this behavior.

The key is to discourage their behavior gradually with the training process and over time they will learn not to jump. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when a dog keeps jumping on you?

When a dog jumps at you it is an indication of how they feel about you which shows their affection and joy of seeing you.

Dogs generally greet each other face-to-face and doing this with you means that they are getting closer to you in the same way as a form of a greeting.

Jumping on you also occurs after a period of boredom and by having excess energy, they have a tendency to jump up to you especially after being away from you.  


A Cane Corso jumping on you can be cute especially when they are a puppy but it may not be good as they grow up because this can turn out to be dangerous for you and other people because of their size and weight.

It is important to train your Cane Corso not to jump at you or other people to prevent accidents from happening.

By following the training tips, you will be able to teach your Cane Corso good behavior and not have the problem of having a massive giant dog topple you over.