Great Dane Throwing Up Mucus: Read Before You Panic

A Great Dane throwing up mucus is unsettling. Vomiting itself is a sign that something else could be causing this reaction from your Great Dane.

There are different reasons why a Great Dane can throw up blood, yellow form, white foam, bile, clear liquid, or throw up after having a meal.

You can find out here why a Great Dane generally throws up.

The question is, why does a Great Dane throw up mucus specifically? 

In this article, we’ll go into more detail into the reasons why a Great Dane throws up mucus, whether you should be worried and what you can do about it.

A Great Dane throwing up mucus is due to several reasons which include ingestion of toxins, food intolerance, intestinal blockage, inflammatory bowel syndrome, and intestinal parasites. A Great Dane may also throw up mucus from coughing or regurgitation of mucus due to a medical condition.

Throwing up mucus is not a major medical concern however when the frequency of the vomiting increases or the appearance of other symptoms, it calls for immediate medical attention.

Great Dane Throwing Up Mucus

What To Do If Your Great Dane is Throwing Up Mucus

When your Great Dane is throwing up mucus take a note of the surrounding circumstances whether they also have other symptoms and if they’re throwing up the mucus after coughing or due to regurgitation.

If a Great Dane is hacking up the mucus this means they were coughing up mucus not vomiting. A Great Dane cough can be due to a respiratory infection (bacterial, viral, or fungal infection) or a medical condition.

Coughing can also be due to a Great Dane trying to get rid of something in their throat such as dust or a foreign object lodged in their throat.

Regurgitation on the other hand is different from vomiting. Unlike vomiting, regurgitation occurs suddenly without warning and a Great Dane throws up undigested contents in the same form they were swallowed whereas vomiting produces partly digested stomach contents.

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Regurgitation results in the expulsion of undigested food, fluids, or mucus from the throat.

By knowing this, you can relay this information to the veterinarian which will help to determine the underlying cause of the vomiting.

Seek immediate medical attention when there is:

Increased vomiting

Immediately contact the veterinarian when the frequency of vomiting of mucus increases, that is, more than 2 times in 12 hours.

The appearance of other symptoms 

When a Great Dane presents other symptoms in addition to throwing up mucus, this calls for medical attention.

Other symptoms such as loss of appetite, lethargy, restlessness, or inability to keep water or food down indicate they need medical attention.


The veterinarian will conduct a physical exam on your Great Dane alongside other tests to determine the cause of the vomiting.

They will also ask you about the circumstances around your Great Dane’s vomiting including whether they were coughing and the form of the vomit.

A Great Dane’s medical history will also be considered.

Immediate treatment will include the provision of anti-nausea medication to stop the vomiting. Follow Up treatment will depend on the determined cause of the vomiting based on the test results.

How To Prevent Your Great Dane From Throwing Up Mucus

A Great Dane from throwing up mucus can be prevented by:

Routine health check-ups

It is important to have routine medical checkups for your Great Dane to determine their health status and detect early signs of health issues. 

This minimizes and prevents the occurrence of conditions that may lead a Great Dane to throw up by the administration of treatment and management measures.

Up to date puppy vaccinations

Great Dane puppies are vulnerable to infections and illnesses and to prevent this, they require vaccinations. 

Ensure to keep up with your puppy’s vaccination schedule so that they are not affected by illnesses that lead them to throw up mucus.

Prevent access to household toxins

Household products can be toxic to pets and ingestion can cause various reactions such as throwing up mucus.

To prevent this from happening, place household products such as cleaning products and gardening chemicals in an area that your Great Dane cannot access.


A Great Dane throwing up mucus is not a major medical concern because it is short-lived, however it should not be ignored as well, especially if a Great Dane shows other signs of illness and the frequency of vomiting increases.

Throwing up mucus can be because of a serious illness therefore if your Great Dane shows other symptoms and does not stop vomiting, talk to your veterinarian. 

There are preventive measures you can put in place to prevent your Great Dane from throwing up mucus. By following the methods, you will minimize the occurrence of vomiting.