Great Dane Throwing Up Clear Liquid: Do I Need To Worry?

A Great Dane throwing up clear liquid makes any Great Dane owner worry. Vomiting is expected in all dog breeds at some point. 

It is common for Great Danes at a point in their lives to throw up blood, white foam, yellow form, bile, mucus, or after eating or drinking.

As a Great Dane parent it is important to understand the reasons behind it and what you can do about it. 

So why does a Great Dane throw up clear liquid? Is it serious? And what can you do about it?

Below, we will explain the reasons behind a Great Dane throwing up clear liquid.

A Great Dane throwing up clear liquid often happens when they drink water too quickly, drink too much, drink while feeling nauseous, vomit on an empty stomach, or from ingestion of a clear liquid household product around the home that irritates their stomach and is vomited. 

What comes up as vomit is a clear liquid which is a mixture of water, saliva, and sometimes form.

A Great Dane throwing up clear liquid can also be due to:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Indigestion
  • Ingestion of toxins
  • Kidney and liver disease
  • Pancreatitis white form plus clear liquid
  • Gastrointestinal inflammation
  • Gastrointestinal obstruction
  • Parasites
great dane throwing up clear liquid

Should I Be Worried If My Great Dane is Throwing Up Clear Liquid?

Generally, throwing up clear liquid is not of medical concern unless a Great Dane shows other symptoms of illness or there is an increase in the frequency of vomiting.

In case that is the situation, the throwing up could be a result of an underlying health problem. 

In some cases, a Great Dane will throw up clear liquid and continue going about their day as normal which means they are ok.

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What To Do If Your Great Dane is Throwing Up Clear Liquid

When your Great Dane throws up clear liquid, first assess the situation by monitoring them and note if they present other symptoms, the frequency of vomiting, and  deterioration of their health.

A dog throwing up clear liquid in the morning is due to vomiting on an empty stomach following the nighttime period. 

In most cases, the vomit comes up as a yellow liquid and if they throw up frequently in the morning, contact your veterinarian.

Also look around for evidence of accidental ingestion of toxins such as spillage of any gardening chemicals, household products, or leftover human food that they might have eaten.

Emergency response should be initiated when there is:

Increase in the frequency of vomiting

When your Great Dane frequently throws up clear liquid more than 2 times over 12 hours, take them to a veterinary emergency center. 

The appearance of additional symptoms

The appearance of additional symptoms such as lethargy, loss of appetite, restlessness, or inability to keep water or food down indicates a more serious and underlying problem.

Take your Great Dane to see your veterinarian or a veterinary emergency center if they cannot hold down water, or have a diagnosed pre-existing medical problem.

A dog throwing up clear liquid with diarrhea or shaking is also a cause for concern.

High risk of dehydration due to a Great Dane’s age

The severity of the throwing up can be determined by how old a Great Dane is because of the risk of rapid dehydration. 

A puppy throwing up clear liquid is a serious situation that requires medical attention.

Puppies and senior dogs are more susceptible to dehydration and loss of electrolytes which is life-threatening if not attended to. Dehydration leads to organ damage and death.

Type of vomit

A Great Dane may also throw up vomit that has a different appearance from the clear liquid. The appearance of the vomit can vary from undigested food, partly digested food, yellow form, mucus, blood, bile, or white form.

It is important to note this because the appearance of vomit informs your veterinarian of the possible cause of vomiting. 

 Attempts of throwing up without anything coming out

Any attempts to vomit without production of vomit in addition to the production of white foam is also a red flag as a symptom of bloat

This should signal to you to immediately seek medical care because bloat is a life-threatening condition of Great Danes.



Throwing up clear liquid in most cases is usually not an emergency medical problem, however, you should always consult with your veterinarian about any form of vomiting by your dog. 

This is because the vomiting can be due to an underlying disease or condition which needs to be treated.

A Great Dane will be evaluated to determine the specific reason behind the vomiting. The veterinarian will discuss with you other symptoms your dog presented and also on tests to be conducted.

The tests conducted include x-rays, blood tests, ultrasounds, urine, and fecal analysis.

Throwing up clear liquid especially for prolonged periods can lead to dehydration of a Great Dane. Therefore the initial treatment involves the provision of intravenous fluids to manage dehydration.

Anti-nausea and stomach lining protectants medication are also treatments provided to help stop the vomiting. 

The treatment provided depends on the test results. A Great Dane may be hospitalized if their condition is severe and needs further monitoring.  

How To Prevent Your Great Dane From Throwing Up Clear Liquid

Throwing up of a Great Dane is inevitable at some point however there are preventive  measures you can implement  to prevent them from throwing up clear liquid. This includes:

Regular health check-ups

Regular health exams for your Great Dane can help find problems before they start. In consultation with your veterinarian, schedule health checkup visits to ensure that your Great Dane is in good health.

Health conditions that cause throwing up of clear liquid can be detected early, treated, and managed to prevent your dog from vomiting.

Provide slow feeding bowls

Vomiting of clear liquid due to fast eating and /or drinking can be prevented by providing your Great Dane with a slow feeding bowl that limits fast feeding.

Excessive water intake can cause a Great Dane to throw up clear liquid, however never deny your Great Dane access to drinking water.

Excess water intake  beyond the normal amount is a sign of disease which after medical examination can be treated or managed.

Lock up household toxins

Keep away household products that may be potential toxins to your dog.

Preventing your Great Dane from having access to them also prevents accidental ingestion of toxins and the resultant throwing up.


A Great Dane throwing up clear fluid typically is not a medical concern unless the vomiting is frequent and your Great Dane starts showing other signs of illness.

Throwing up clear liquid can be due to serious underlying health conditions therefore if your Great Dane presents other symptoms, make an appointment with your veterinarian. 

There are also methods you can implement to prevent your dog from throwing up. By following these tips, you will minimize the occurrence of your Great Dane vomiting.

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