What Can Cause Dog Diarrhea And Heavy Panting?

Dog diarrhea with heavy panting  is unsettling. Diarrhea  is common in dogs and can be mild or severe depending on the underlying cause, but what does it mean when your dog has diarrhea and is panting heavily?

We outline the potential causes of dog diarrhea and heavy panting, along with the associated symptoms and when to seek help. 

Here’s why dog diarrhea and heavy panting occurs

Dog diarrhea and heavy panting can occur together, and can be due to a number of illnesses and health issues which include underlying illness, intestinal parasites, poisoning, bacterial or viral infection, stress, allergies, and medication side effects. Heavy panting is also a sign that a dog is in pain, due to underlying health problems.

Dog diarrhea and heavy panting