Cane Corso Cropped Ears: Is It Necessary?

The Cane Corso is one of the many dog breeds that have cropped ears which are ears that stand erect.

Ear cropping is a common practice in some dog breeds including the Doberman Pinscher, Boxer, Pitbull, Presa Canario, and other breeds. 

Let’s look at the Cane Corso cropped ears, why it is done, the different ear cropping styles, whether you should crop your Cane Corso and how much it costs.

Cane Corso ear cropping is a type of surgery performed on a Cane Corso where a section or parts of the ears are cut so that the cartilage stands erect to have upright ears. The procedure is only performed on puppies and not adult Cani Corsi.

Cane Corso Cropped Ears

Cane Corso Cropped Ears

Ear cropping of the Cane Corso is a common practice that gives them an alert and stern appearance. Many Cane Corso owners love this look because it is aesthetically pleasing.

The Cane Corso’s cropped ears are shaped to a desirable length and shape to give them this appearance.

There are four Cane Corso ear-cropping styles to choose from. These are the show crop, working crop, medium crop, and long crop.

Depending on which style the owner of a Cane Corso prefers, the Cane Corso’s cropped ears can have a specific look.

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Do all Cani Corsi have pointy ears?

No, not all Cani Corsi have pointy ears. Pointy ears or cropped ears are a result of surgery conducted on the Cane Corso’s natural ears to have them trained to stand upright. Puppies are not born with erect ears and the ears only stand upright after surgery.

Natural Cane Corso ears are medium-sized with moderate thickness and folded forward close to the cheek. 

Ear cropping is only done on puppies. The Cane Corso ear cropping age is between 7 – 10 weeks, which is a period when the ear cartilage is still flexible and malleable for cropping.

The ear cropping procedure is either performed by the breeder before a puppy is purchased or by a veterinarian after you buy a puppy with natural floppy ears.

Why are Cane Corso ears cropped?

Today, Cane Corso ears are cropped mainly for cosmetic purposes to give a Cane Corso an alert and overall pleasant appearance. The practice has a long history and has been done for centuries for different purposes.

The original reason for cropping Cani Corsi ears was to prevent them from being caught in bushes, shrubs, or low-hanging tree branches during a chase when hunting wild boars. 

Cropping also prevented the wild boar from getting a hold of a Cane Corso’s ears with their tusks and injuring the ears. 

In other dog breeds, ear cropping was also performed on dogs that participated in dog fights such as the Pitbull and also guard dogs like the Doberman, to protect their ears from being bitten and also for a fierce look. 

Ear cropping was also done to improve the hearing ability of these dogs so that they could better hear the movements of their targets during their respective duties as hunting, guard dogs, or in dog fight competitions.

Another common reason for ear cropping was the belief that ear cropping prevented and minimized the development of ear infections due to the improved aeration of the ear canal compared to dogs with floppy ears. 

Today these are not the primary reasons for ear cropping the Cane Corso and other dog breeds. 

Should Cane Corso ears be cropped?

Although ear cropping is a common practice in the United States, Cani Corsi’ ears should not be cropped because the procedure is an unnecessary and painful process for a Cane Corso puppy. 

There is also no scientific evidence that shows any benefits of the procedure such as better hearing or a decrease in ear infections.

In addition to being a painful procedure, it also presents the risk of complications during and after surgery, which includes the development of infection and trauma. 

The only reason for cropping a Cane Corso’s ears is for cosmetic purposes, that is, for enhancement of a Cane Corso’s look.

So, is ear cropping illegal? Ear cropping is legal in many states in the United States, however, some States have laws requiring the surgery to only be performed by licensed veterinarians.

In many countries, ear cropping has been banned and is illegal. This includes most European countries.

The American Veterinary Medical Association opposes both tail docking and ear cropping of dogs, especially for cosmetic purposes, and discourages the practices based on this same reasoning.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) allows cropped ears on some dog breeds as a standard practice. 

Ear cropping is not a requirement for participation in the AKC shows.

Dogs with cropped ears can participate in AKC dog shows as well as those with uncropped ears. 

If you are considering participating in the AKC conformation shows, the Cane Corso with cropped ears and a non-cropped Cane Corso are both qualified to participate.

When considering if you should crop your Cane Corso puppy, you have to consider whether the procedure is worth it.

Therefore, the decision to have your Cane Corso ears cropped or not depends on your personal preference.

How much does it cost to get Cane Corso ears cropped?

Cane Corso ear cropping price ranges between $100 to $800. The price varies depending on the veterinarian or breeder who performs the procedure. 

The cost is inclusive of the cost of the procedure, pain medication, tapes and posts, and follow-up visits.

Summary: Cane Corso cropped ears

A Cane Corso with cropped ears has a wolf-like appearance which is appealing to many Cane Corso owners and enthusiasts. 

Ear cropping is not necessary for Cani Corsi. however, if you are considering it for your Cane Corso, talk to a reputable Cane Corso breeder or veterinarian to get all the information. 

This includes information on the aftercare, the commitment required on your part, and whether the whole process is truly worth it.