Blue Fawn Whippet: A Guide To This Whippet Color

The Whippet is a delightful dog that resembles a Greyhound and they are known for their speed as well as friendly nature. 

The breed has several interesting different coat colors. The Blue Fawn coat color is one of these colors.

So, what makes a Blue Whippet? How different is this color compared to other Whippet coat colors? Should you choose them?

Read on to learn more about what makes a Blue Fawn Whippet, its appearance, temperament, health concerns, price, and where to get them.

What Is A Blue Fawn Whippet?

A Blue Whippet is a Whippet coat color that has a fawn base coat all over the body with a soft gray mask over the face. The gray mask is the fur around their muzzle, forehead, and ears. Blue Fawn Whippets also have amber-colored eyes.

blue fawn whippet

Whippet Colors

The Whippet dog breed has a wide range of coat colors. The coat colors are fascinating making the dog breed interesting in their appearance. These colors include:

  • Black

  • Fawn

  • Blue

  • Cream

  • Orange

  • Dun

  • Red

  • Tan
  • White 
  • Silver

In addition to this, the colors also have different combinations with coat color patterns and markings to produce different variations of the coat.

This comes about due to the gene interactions which depend on the genes a puppy inherits.

The Blue Fawn Whippet is one of the coat color variations of the Blue coat color.

Other Blue coat color variations include:

  • Blue Brindle
  • Blue Brindle Parti-color
  • Blue Brindle White Parti-color
  • Blue Brindle White Trim
  • Blue Fawn
  • Blue White Parti-color
  • Blue White Trim

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What Does The Blue Fawn Whippet Look Like?

Blue Fawn Whippets resemble a typical Whippet dog, except for their interesting coat color. They have similar physical features.

They have a slender head and muzzle, long neck, a long narrow, and slender body with a deep chest, tucked belly, and a long whip-like tail. 

Their coat is short and smooth. 

Adult male dogs stand at 19 to 22 inches at the shoulder with an average weight ranging between 18- 48 pounds.

Females generally are slightly smaller, averaging 18 – 21 inches tall and weighing 29 pounds.

The Blue Fawn Whippets have amber to light brown eyes. 

A Blue Fawn Whippet generally appears as a fawn-colored dog with a blue mask. The facial mask of a dog is the fur that covers its eyes, muzzle, ears, and forehead.   

Dog’s facial mask is usually black in color, however for a Blue Fawn, this area is gray in color, commonly referred to as “blue”.

The blue color in the coat is a soft gray or slate color, hence the reference to Blue Fawn.

The Genetics Of The Blue Fawn Whippet

A puppy inherits different genes from their parents and depending on the gene interaction they get their coat color and pattern. 

A Blue Fawn Whippet puppy is produced when they inherit two copies of a recessive gene, also known as the dilution gene (d gene).

The dilution gene reduces the concentration of hair pigment, mainly black, brown, and yellow coat pigments.

Therefore a Blue Merle puppy inherits two copies of the dilute gene alleles (dd) one from each parent, which causes them to have a blue facial mask with a fawn-colored coat over the body.

Dilution of black creates gray color which is commonly referred to as “blue” in canines.

The effect of the color dilution extends to the eyes of a Blue Fawn Whippet which makes them amber to light yellow.

Are Blue Fawn Whippets rare?

The Blue Fawn Whippets are rare because this coat color is one of the many common color combinations of the breed that exists. The coat color can also be deliberately bred by professional breeders through specific breeding.

Blue Fawn Whippet puppies cannot be produced with only one copy of the dilution gene and it takes two copies of the gene alleles to be inherited from both parent dogs to form a Blue Fawn.

Based on this genetic requirement, breeders can increase the odds of producing these puppies when demand for them is high.

Blue Fawn Whippet Temperament

A dog’s coat color does not influence its personality in any way and a Blue Fawn Whippet has the same personality as the breed.

Blue Fawn Whippets are affectionate, gentle, patient, loving, sweet-tempered, energetic but very adaptable, and quiet dogs. 

They are good family dogs that get along with children and all family members.

Socialization and training are also important in shaping any dog’s personality therefore it is important to have these two aspects in raising a well-rounded Blue Fawn Whippet.

Blue Fawn Whippet Health Concerns

The coat color of a dog influences its health, which means coat color can cause a dog to be prone to more health problems. 

Blue is a dilute coat color that makes a dog susceptible to certain health problems.

The Blue Fawn Whippet is susceptible to color dilution alopecia (CDA) an inherited genetic condition that causes hair thinning and loss, itchy bald patches, and flaky skin.

CDA can only be managed and not cured. Management includes regular bathing with a medicated shampoo to decrease itching and reduce the risk of infections on the skin.

Responsible breeders usually ensure not to breed Whippet parents with CDA to prevent passing on the condition to puppies.

Therefore when you are set and ready to buy a Blue Fawn Whippet puppy, make sure to get their health certificate and health guarantee from the breeder which confirms your puppy’s health status.

The Blue Fawn Whippet is also prone to the common health problems of the Whippet dog breed.

The common Whippet health problems include:

  • Von Willebrand’s disease (a blood clotting disease)
  • Progressive renal atrophy
  • Anesthesia sensitivity
  • Deafness

Generally, most Blue Fawn Whippets are healthy dogs and will not necessarily develop all or any of the above illnesses. 

It takes good breeding practices, care, a healthy diet, and exercise to raise a healthy Whippet.

Responsible breeding reduces the risk of development of the illnesses. Good care is also important for a healthy Whippet.

The Blue Fawn Whippet has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years, a long lifespan of the breed.

Blue Fawn Whippet Price

The Blue Fawn Whippet price is typically in the range of $800 to $1500 but prices can be higher than this. The price can be high because of the Blue Fawn’s unique coat color.

Breeding to obtain the Blue Fawn coat color requires specific breeding to produce the puppies. Therefore expect a premium price for this color, especially if not readily available.

Blue Fawn Whippet puppies also tend to be more expensive than adult dogs or dogs for adoption.

The Blue Fawn Whippet price also widely varies depending on the individual breeder and their location.  

Backyard breeders or puppy mills produce puppies mainly for a profit without any consideration for their health. Avoid them and only buy a healthy Blue Fawn Whippet puppy from a reputable Whippet breeder.

Where to Buy or Adopt A Blue Fawn Whippet

Whippet puppies or adult dogs including Blue Fawn Whippet puppies are commonly available from Whippet breeders or rescue centers. 

Make sure to always buy your Whippet puppy from responsible breeders that ensure to produce healthy puppies.

Reputable breeders provide health certificates and AKC registration. This gives you a clear picture of your puppy’s health status and what to expect. 

The American Whippet Club is a good place to start in your search for a Blue Fawn whippet puppy or dog. Here you can quite easily find a Whippet breeder near you.

The Whippet Rescue and Placement (WRAP) is the national rescue organization for Whippets and also a credible resource for the adoption of Whippets as well as Blue Fawn Whippets.

Summary: Blue Fawn Whippet

The Blue Fawn Whippet is a unique Whippet color from the many colors of the dog breed. The coat color is a Fawn color and the dog has a gray facial mask.

The Blue Fawn Whippet is similar in all other aspects including physical features and personality to the general Whippet dog characteristics, except for their coat color. 

The dilute aspect of the coat makes them more susceptible to more health problems but they are generally healthy dogs.  

They are still great companions to have especially for an energetic family because they are active dogs.

If you are thinking about getting a Whippet in this interesting coat color, reach out to a reputable Whipper breeder near you or a rescue center.


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