Are Maltipoos Crazy?

Having a Maltipoo acting crazy can be confusing and concerning. This is because behavioral changes can sometimes mean something is wrong with their health. 

A Maltipoo acting crazy may spin in circles, eat dirt, dig holes, excessively lick their paws, chase their tails, obsessive behavior such as constant scratching, and other strange behaviors.

“Crazy” behavior can also lead to destructiveness in the home or your Maltipoo hurting themselves. 

The question is, what makes a Maltipoo crazy?

Let’s look into the factors that could lead a Maltipoo to act crazy, when to be concerned, and what to do about it.

Why is my Maltipoo crazy?

A Maltipoo acting crazy can be due to stress, fear, illness or injury, boredom, old age, hormonal changes, and allergic reactions. The understanding of behavioral changes and the reasons behind them helps in the identification of normal behaviors, the approaches to take, and when to seek help.

Are Maltipoos Crazy