Are Cane Corsos Good Family Dogs?

The Cane Corso is definitely well known as a highly intelligent, confident, and great guard dog renowned for their protective instincts and loyalty to their families. 

Whether you are considering getting a Cane Corso as a new addition to your family or just want to have one, you have probably wondered if it is a good choice for your family based on factors such as your family lifestyle, home environment or there being children or other pets in your home.

Keep on reading to find out why the Cane Corso is ideal as a family dog and also how you can have them trained. 

 The Cane Corso is a good family dog because of its loyal, loving, and calm nature. They are a good companion as well as a great guardian and  an excellent dog for families.

What Is A Good Family Dog?

Are Cane Corsos Good Family Dogs

A family dog is generally a dog that is a good fit depending on a family’s lifestyle and needs, home environment, good with kids and other pets in the home. To determine if a dog is fit for a family factors to consider include:

The dog's temperament

The temperament is the nature or personality of a dog. The top traits of a family dog include being sociable, friendly, and affectionate.


Dogs introduced to a home with little kids have to be able to tolerate young children’s usual grabbing and pushing playful behavior.

The dog can be prepared for this through proper training as well as teaching kids from over harassment of the dog.

This ensures your dog is well prepared and accustomed to the behavior as well as being gentle to kids in playful situations. 

Energy level

Depending on the energy levels of the dog breed, the choice of a family dog is dependent on your lifestyle and how you can keep up with your dog’s needs.

You should have a plan to give your attention, energy, and time to your family members as well as your dog.

Reasons Why The Cane Corso Is A Good Family Dog

Calm and loving temperament

Cani Corsi have a calm, loving, and friendly personality which makes them a great choice for families.

They serve as good companions and display affection towards their families and this creates a good attachment and protectiveness towards the family. 

Active and energetic

The Cane Corso has a high level of energy and requires regular exercises with mentally challenging activities to keep active. In a home with children, this is a perfect fit as they are both energetic and they can play together. 

The Cane Corso is playful and enjoys interactions with both adults and children and if your home is also active, this breed is a perfect choice as a family dog.

They love to engage in fun activities such as going for runs, long walks, or outdoor activities.

Loyal and protective

The Cane Corso is also very loyal and protective to its owners which shows how they tend to be very alert and cautious towards strangers.

They are instinctively protective and any threat or danger to a family member or property is quickly met with a protective reaction.

This makes them a great guard dog for the family.

Intelligent and sociable

Cani Corsi are highly intelligent dogs and can quickly learn and remember new commands and several new behaviors. This means they are easy to train and because they seek to please their owners, they will consistently behave as trained.

As a family dog, this is a good trait because you will be able to train your dog on the desirable behaviors you want them to have and you will not have obedience and socialization problems.

The Cane Corso will easily learn to accommodate the family’s needs and lifestyle. Children can also get involved in teaching them a trick or two which is quite exciting for them. 

So Are Cani Corsi Good With Kids?

The Cane Corso is a friendly and playful dog and these qualities make them a good fit for children of all ages. When socialized from an early age as a puppy, they easily grow attached to children as well as the entire family. 

They are protective of young children and enjoy being with them which makes them good guard dogs.

By being energetic and requiring a lot of exercises, the Cane Corso loves to play and is an excellent companion for children in outdoor activities such as playing with balls or frisbees.

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Are Cane Corsos Good With Babies?

Cani Corsi are also generally good with babies and present no harm.

They may not always know of their own strength and size compared to younger children so as a precaution they should be supervised around children and must receive the proper training to socialize them for good behavior.

Remember regardless of what dog breed you bring to your home monitoring of dogs around children should always be done.

Always approach any dog individually no matter the breed as behavior is dependent on his/her upbringing as well as the training they receive as they grow. 

Are Cane Corsos Good With Other Dogs?

The Cane Corso is good with other dogs in the same household especially when they are introduced to the family and raised together from a young age. They also get along with other pets such as cats when brought up together.

However, older dogs introduced to a family, Cani Corsi are instinctively dominant over other dogs, especially those of the same gender and some may be aggressive to cats.

The recommendation would be to raise them with the family pets for them to get used to each other. 

If you are getting an older Cane Corso or introducing other dogs or pets to the family, have your Cane Corso trained so that they can easily integrate well with the other pets.

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4 Ways To Train A Cane Corso To Be A Good Family Dog

A Cane Corso with proper training has good behavior. Below are four ways that are effective in training a Cane Corso to be a good family dog:

Professional training

Have your Cane Corso trained by a certified trainer or animal behaviorist.

Training includes physical and mental exercises as well as obedience classes.

This can be done for a young puppy to an older dog or you can also select an already trained adult dog. 

Include activities in their routine

The Cane Corso is a very energetic dog that requires a lot of exercises both physically and mentally.

Keep them active physically as well as with games that challenge them mentally.

Daily activities such as walks and games are ideal, the recommendation being at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. 

Without these activities, behavior issues may come up such as shyness, unresponsiveness or even young ones become destructive in the home as they find outlets for their energy.

Ensure your Cane Corso has all the exercise they require so that they do not become restless.

Early training and socialization

Engaging a dog trainer for training and socialization is beneficial to effectively cultivate good behavior.

Cani Corsi are very adaptable and quickly learn new training and commands. Their high intelligence enables them to be easily nurtured to well-behaved dogs as well as puppies with the desired behavior. 

Socialization will expose them to the family and they will be able to distinguish good behavior from bad ones. This is an ongoing activity that will develop a confident and stable personality.

Always supervise and have your dog trained on interaction with your kids.

Educate the kids

Children also need to be educated on the handling of the dog with care, love, and respect.

They should be taught how to play with them to avoid harmful mistreatment such as kicking, tail pulling, or playing with the dog while it’s eating.

In time, you also get to know your dog’s preferences and avoid those activities that they dislike. Training can also prepare them for the kind of behavior they will receive from kids such as playfulness or little ones tagging at them.

Final thoughts: Are Cane Corsos good family dogs?

A dog’s behavior stems from their training, how we treat them, and not entirely on the dog’s breed.

This breaks the myth that a dog’s breed is the most important thing in choosing a family dog as well as the stereotype that the Cane Corso is not the most popular family dog due to its fearless or confident personality. A Cane Corso is a good family dog.

A dog that is generally good with kids is good for a family. This is a dog that is loving, caring, gentle, and protective with the children. In addition to this, if a dog fits a family’s lifestyle and needs, this makes them a good family dog.

With good training and socialization, the Cane Corso is a devoted companion and a guardian of the family and is a good addition to your family that the whole family will love.

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