Why Does My Cane Corso Have Dandruff? (Explained)

One common concern about the Cane Corso is the presence of dandruff on their coat. It’s perfectly natural to feel a mix of concern, confusion, and even a touch of frustration when you see these flakes on your beloved dog’s fur. 

So why does your Cane Corso have dandruff?

In this comprehensive guide, we outline the reasons why your Cane Corso might have dandruff and, more importantly, how you can address this issue.

Why does my Cane Corso have dandruff?

Cane Corso dandruff often appears due to dry skin, allergies, external parasites, poor nutrition and diet, underlying health conditions and aging. Dandruff often appears as small white flakes that appear throughout a Cane Corso’s coat or attached to their skin.

Cane Corso have dandruff