My Cane Corso Has Bumps! What You Should Know

Finding an unfamiliar lump or protrusion on your Cane Corso can be a concerning and anxiety-inducing experience. 

However, there’s no immediate cause for alarm. The presence of a skin bumps on your Cane Corso doesn’t necessarily mean it is cancer. 

We outline the causes of Cane Corso bumps, symptoms and treatment options.

Here’s why your Cane Corso has bumps

Cane Corso skin bumps are caused by skin allergies, insect bites, cysts, fatty tumors, infected abscesses, hives and tumors. Although any skin irregularities on your Cane Corso should be addressed seriously, many of these bumps are typically common and harmless, and often pose no significant health threat.

My Cane Corso Has Bumps