Great Dane Getting Skin Tags? : Here’s Why

Skin tags are fibrous growths that can appear on a Great Dane’s body as bumps or lumps on the skin. They occur anywhere on the body in different sizes and appear the same color as a Great Dane’s skin. 

They are however non-cancerous growths that are common in older Great Danes but can also appear on puppies.

But why do they appear? Why is your Great Dane getting skin tags?                 

Let’s look at the reasons why a Great Dane gets skin tags

Why Is My Great Dane Getting Skin Tags?

The exact reasons for the development of skin tags are unknown however possible causes of a Great Dane getting skin tags include overgrowth of cells (fibroblasts), chronic irritation, friction, trauma, excessive bathing, and genetically passed down through heredity. 

great dane getting skin tags

Skin tags grow slowly and are common in large breed dogs such as the Great Dane. Older and middle aged dogs are at a higher  risk of developing the skin tags.

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