Dog Diarrhea And Not Eating: Causes + What To Do

Dog diarrhea and not eating are symptoms that sometimes occur together. Loss of appetite or a dog not eating is a decrease in interest in food or a complete refusal to eat is an unusual dog behavior and raises concern especially when accompanied by other concerning symptoms such as diarrhea.

While diarrhea is common in dogs, it is important to understand what causes these two symptoms and when to seek veterinary care.

We outline the potential causes of dog diarrhea and not eating, along with the associated symptoms and when to seek help. 

Here’s why dog diarrhea and not eating occurs

Dog diarrhea itself can lead to loss of appetite and a dog not eating. These symptoms  commonly occur together, and can be due to a number of illnesses and health issues which include diet change, food intolerance, illness, gastrointestinal infection, poisoning, stress, allergies, and medication side effects.  

Dog diarrhea and not eating or loss of appetite are symptoms of a condition, rather than conditions in themselves. 

Dog diarrhea and not eating