Dog Diarrhea And Fast Breathing: Causes + What To Do

There are different reasons why diarrhea occurs in dogs and depending on the cause, it may be mild and resolve without the need for medical treatment. 

However, in some cases, diarrhea can signal an underlying health issue that requires veterinary care, especially when it is accompanied by other concerning symptoms such as fast breathing.

We outline the potential causes of dog diarrhea and fast breathing, along with the associated symptoms and when to seek help. 

Here’s why dog diarrhea and fast breathing occurs

Dog diarrhea and fast breathing are symptoms that can be caused by underlying disorders which include illness, intestinal parasites, poisoning, bacterial or viral infection, stress, allergies, and medication side effects. Panting is also a sign that a dog is in pain, due to underlying health problems.

Dog diarrhea and fast breathing or panting are symptoms of a condition, rather than conditions in themselves. Certain underlying conditions that cause diarrhea can also cause fast breathing as a secondary symptom. Panting can also be a sign of other underlying conditions.

Dog diarrhea and fast breathing